Winter Came and Decided to Stay a While.

Spring, where for art thou? If you’re in the Midwest, then you know what I’m getting at. Haha! Winter came early and decided to stay late. Winter, is wearing out its welcome at this point.

As annoying as this snow has been over the past few weeks, I have learned something from these storms. I believe that they all can apply to Consulting, to Marketing, to ‘Trep’s and anyone else.

1) Patience.

I’m probably the poster child for im-patience. At least a few years ago I was. If you have ever experienced a winter storm, then you know that rushing is going to get you no where but stuck. Winter forces us to slow down, check, plan, review. Sometimes, we all need to do that. Whether in our personal lives, business or other endeavors, taking time to re-evaluate where we stand (goals, plans, or otherwise). Sometimes, it just requires a little patience.

2) Thorough.

Have you ever gone and shoveled quickly trying to get out of the cold? If you have, then you more than likely missed something and it took longer the next time you went out to shovel. Winter forces us to be thorough. If you don’t go and shovel correctly the first time,  you may develop ice in those patches that you missed (you are stepping in the stuff after all) and someone may slip and fall! Here is the point. You’re tired, you’re angry, worn down, whatever but make sure in whatever you do, be thorough. Be thorough. Your friends, business, client, etc. will appreciate it.

3) Brute Force.

Sometimes, it takes just that. Winter can bring some pain when it’s a really bad storm. Ice, thunder (yes thunder), heavy snow that just shuts cities down. Sometimes, brute force is all you need. Why? Let’s say a client is arguing with you about something they hired you to do. They feel that what you are doing is incorrect, however you know this will help change the game for them. You know you are right, so in instances like these, I say push forward. They might be mad briefly, but when they see the results well you know the rest. The hard part is knowing when to flex that muscle. So trust your gut!

Here’s to Spring finally starting! Time to get back to shoveling.

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