Re-Branding Branding.


Seems like an odd statement doesn’t it? Not really, honest. The idea for all of this came from when I crashed a party this past weekend while I was out. Granted, I can’t really say I crashed it when I was more than welcomed with open arms when me and some friends walked into the venue. Let me revise that statement, I joined a party I wasn’t invited to and had a blast. I guess I know how to “crash” the right parties. I digress.

While I was hanging out and having some great conversations with these people, I came across a few start-up junkies like myself. We began talking and I went down my list of things I do, and he mentioned something to me that has been on my mind all weekend. At some point in the conversation, he mentioned that I “re-branded branding”. We continued the conversation and eventually exchanged information (always networking am I) and I let that statement brew as I went about having more fun with others.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I believe he sparked something when he mentioned this to me. If you have not yet visited my services page, I offer a service I like to call “Perception Consulting“. Essentially, with this service I help people “re-brand” or brand how they are seen online, offline and anywhere else. It has actually been one of my more lucrative service lines as of yet. I believe this is where the connection came for me.

As we all know content is king, queen, husband, wife, sister, brother and cousin. Read this or that and see what I mean. People want transparency, people want truth, people want quality and at a price they believe as fair. The question is how do you do this when your brand is seen negatively or you are simply talking to the wrong audience. Re-brand your brand. The question is how. It’s as simple as what I mentioned in this section and as complicated as what I will give you in detailed steps to help change your perception. I’m not going to share everything in regards to this, you should contact me directly for specific help.

Below are some quick take aways to help you if you need to re-brand.

1) Focus. What is your focus for your business, site? If you jump around too much and have too many things going on at once on your site, it may confuse people and make them want to go. That visitor was a potential lead to a sale! I would suggest focusing on no more than 3 things.

2) Content. We can all write. The question is if your writing is relevant or if it is reaching the correct audience. You can have the best, most earth shattering content this side of the Mississippi, but if you are talking to the wrong crowd it won’t matter.

3) Know who you are. I listed this last because this is the most difficult thing for many to grasp. Discovering who you really are takes time and elbow grease. Simple as that. But once you know, you will know and having that knowledge will make it THAT easier to get your point across.

Need some help? Contact me. Otherwise, please share this with friends and share your thoughts below. I hope you enjoyed!

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