Start Up’s, Koozie’s and Violent Frisbee


This past weekend, I had the chance to attend Kansas City’s 7th Startup Weekend. One of my mentors, Carrie Royce  dragged me out to it. I wasn’t planning to attend. I can tell you now that I am pumped that she kept pushing me! Check out her blog sometime.

IT WAS A BLAST. Seriously. (See I even used caps to emphasize. Haha.)

It was one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, tiring, limit pushing experiences I have ever have. It also helped push me one step closer to what I really want. If you get the chance, I would encourage everyone to take part in a Startup Weekend. Win, lose or draw, the connections that you will gain, relationships you strengthen and experience you will gain over this weekend will be immense. Not to mention the exposure as well. So, see if there is one in your area! You will love it.

1) Start ups.

This is the emphasis of the entire weekend. See what you can create in roughly 54 hours. It seems like it is easy to do, however like many things it’s easier said than done. Be ready to work, work, work, work and work some more. I believe programs like these offer an opportunity to strengthen your existing skill set and pull out skills that you never knew you had. You will pivot and reiterate 50 times, make new friends, creating something game changing and in general have a good time. As long as you are open to it.

Here are the takeaways: 1) Keep an open mind. 2) Put up or shut up. Talk is cheap when it comes to doing work. So go do it. Let your work do the talking.

2) Koozies.

Ah the Koozie. To me the most obscurely named drink peripheral on God’s green earth. For whatever reason, the koozie is a great connector. At least it was over this weekend. Among other things. People connect to one another over some of the most interesting things. Whether gaming, writing, creating or an unnatural obsession with Baseball odd things connect people. But nothing is odd about it. These are just the things we love. Common ground (which we all have) makes it very easy for us to relate to one another. It’s just a matter of what that common ground was. Yes this is a competition however, it is also a relationship builder. We were all building something in a weekend. That was the first commonality.

Lesson: Koozies build bridges to great, lasting relationships. Also, so does staying up late to work on something.

3) Violent Frisbee.

It was never violent, it just sounded cool when I started writing this. Frisbee is an interesting sport. Definitely a team building one, but it can also be a little cutthroat. There is nothing wrong with a little competition.

Lesson: Competition is a great thing. It keeps us on our toes.

To end, check out what the team and I created this weekend at Kansas City Start Up Weekend 7. We took 3rd place and won the popular vote!

VidSpective, a technology that allows you to view events as they happen, live. Think of seeing what Lady Gaga sees, or seeing what your favorite baseball player sees as they swing the bat. VidSpective is also on Twitter and Facebook. Email me at if you have some questions about it.

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