3 out of 10 ain’t so bad.



I found myself watching Ken Burn’s Baseball this past weekend, and in the first episode of the Baseball series someone said that 7 out of 10 times, does a batter strike out. 3 out of 10, and your considered a legend. That’s right, baseball. It’s such a romantic game isn’t it?

Fun Fact: It’s unique in the fact that it’s the only sport where the defense holds the ball.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the movie 42. It was superb. I would almost argue that you go watch the first two part’s of Ken Burns’ Baseball. There are tons of tie in’s between these first two sections.

Here is my point. Baseball is a sport in which you will fail, fail again, and fail some more. However if you have the courage, determination and sheer will, it is surprising what can be accomplished.

This is what 42 teaches. Aside from the fact that Jackie fought the tyranny of racism all while playing a much beloved game. He wanted to play ball, but he was something more than that. He was the culmination of the work that had been brewing since the Civil War, equality. Strives have been made, yes but we are not completely there.

Remember what I said about 7 out of 10 earlier? All you need is 3 of those 10 to be a success. Baseball is all about failing, the question is whether you will keep it up to get to that breakthrough.

1) Fail.

Fail, fail again, and fail some more. Make sure that when you do, you respond to the situations not react. There is a difference. When you react to something, you do so based nearly entirely on emotion. When you react to something going based on emotion, something may be said or done that did not need to be said or done. When one responds to a situation, the response is based on objectivity than it is emotion. I talk about failing a lot don’t I? Well, we will do it a lot.

2) Determination.

This one is simple, don’t quit. When you fall, not if you have to have a lot of determination. In Baseball, on average players strike out more times than they actually connect to the ball. What sets the extraordinary players from the average ones is their determination. So don’t quit! Show some determination.

3) Will

One of my best friends and mentors always said this to me, and continues to say this to me. It’s something his father says.

“Will-power is the victory of the strongest desire. What is it you desire most? Think about Jackie Robinson. He may have wanted to be one of the best baseball players (which he is), however he also knew that he was helping break barriers and create history. He knew that he was about to turn the game on it’s head, and boy did he. You need determination, however sheer will can help you move mountains.

Let’s sum it all up with this. No pain, no gain.

If you haven’t seen 42 yet, you should. Baseball fan or not, you will enjoy it.

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