The Key to Multi…


…Tasking that is.

I’ve had some conversations lately with my mentor because of concerns of me falling off the deep end. What’s the deep end? Doing too many things and not actually making income off of them. Makes sense to me. In an effort to cut some things out, I am currently evaluating what I will cut out. Not cut out, put at the back of my priority list. I will return to the items that I remove later. My plan is to reduce to 3 or 4 things that I receive all of my focus. (I do a lot. I’ll begin sharing them on the blog soon.) These things I am speaking of are income focused opportunities. I’m a recent graduate/young professional with debt. This is merely a reality, but I have to make more money so that I can pay debts, save, invest and whatever else my CPA advises me to do about money. He is great at what he does, so it behooves me to listen.

Just wanted to share some quick thoughts on Key’s to doing multiple things.

1) Have Limits.

Look we all have a lot of interests. How many of those interests lead to cash flow or some level of fulfillment? If it does not, or it is dragging along, it may be time to move it to the back to make room for something that is doing those things for you.

2) Quit.

Remember what I said in number 1? If it’s gangrene, cut it off. No point in doing something you don’t enjoy in one way or another. This is not saying that there will not be times when it is difficult. Just follow your intuition. You know when it is time for something to be cut out.

3) Speak.

Talk with someone you trust, and that will give an honest opinion. If they know you and are truly concerned about your well-being, they will let you know. My mentor recently spoke with me about my commitments (prompting this article and some evaluation).

4) Act.

Make a decision. You can always come back to those other things after you complete more important ones.

Gusto helps as well. (A great friend of mine says I should just tell people that when I mention everything I do. So I will.) But it also helps to have some balance. Hence why I’m cutting some things out for increased focus.

I don’t call myself Far From Idle for nothing. 🙂

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