Been Around the World Lately? The Catalyst.

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel abroad for the 104th Rotary International Convention and Rotaract Pre-Convention in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Eye opening is an understatement.

Convention aside (of which I gained a lot of great information, perspective, understanding of Rotary and the initiatives associated with the organization including Polio, Water, Sanitation, and more.), I believe I learned some very valuable lessons for me personally.

Get Lost. 

I did a LOT of this during my time in Lisbon. Being in a foreign country where one doesn’t speak the language can create some barriers.Luckily, I was A) staying with a friend and B) I had a cheat sheet of basic phrases. Still though, it didn’t help that I was  little directionally challenged for about a day. I’ll be honest, my map reading skills had dwindled due to the joys of GPS. Don’t worry, I gained my bearings and got around just fine. Other than constantly getting lost.

Anyhow, get lost. I found so much more by just getting out and walking around than I would have following a specific tour. Why? Getting lost helps you discover something. You.

I haven’t had a break since 2011. (Sure I’ve had small trips, but nothing like this.) This trip was the first trip in my life in which I went alone.

What is it about world travel that changes perspective so much? I plan to explore this for a bit on here.

Also, if you would like to see pictures from my trip, please click here or click on the tab above, labeled “Far From Idle’s Travels”.

I also included a poll. I’m curious to hear what changes occurred within you when you went overseas. I included a section that says other. If you would, please include a reason as to why it did or did not change you.

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