How do you design a book about not doing something?


I’m handling the process to design a book for a client, along with everything else including editing publishing and selling the book. It’s been a very fun process thus far.

1) People hate odd numbers.

I used to think Penelope Trunk was lying when I read entire articles from her discussing this subject. It’s beginning to ring true honestly. As I go through the process of designing the cover, people that I have surveyed for personal information and something that I noticed was the desire to not have the cover look even. When I say even, I mean continuity. From what I can tell, books that come off as “even” may not have much to offer. They don’t look active enough. There has to be a connection between activity and odd numbers. I have to figure out what that is. At the end of this process, I believe I will have a better idea what the connection is.

2) Bright Colors win.

This one is a no-brainer almost, but vibrant colors seem to take the cake. Perhaps this is because of the nature of the book or because I personally prefer more vibrant colors. I also am a firm believer that as a consultant, a lot of YOU ends up in your clients work. This project has been as much of a reflection of me as it is a reflection of my client. I’ve heard that when you love what you do, a part of you is reflected in the work.

3) Did I say people don’t like odd numbers?

Haha. Penelope Trunk is on to something here. The book will be out soon. I will share more information on how to get your hands on a copy once it’s ready. It will change your life. I’ll do a write up soon.

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