Social Timing.



Check out this awesome infographic below about Social Timing, provided by Kissmetrics and Dan Zarella originally found on Social Marketing Writing. There is some great information here about timing your posting optimally. Here are the takeaways if you decided to not read the infographic:


  • 50% of the US population is in the Eastern Time Zone
  • 80% of the US Population are located in the Central and Eastern time zone.
  • Post tweets at 5pm. The highest percentage (6%) of tweets occur around 5pm
  • Tweet 1-4 times per hour.
  • The best days to tweet are in the middle of the week and the weekend.
  • The best time to tweet is between 12pm-6pm. CTR (Click Through Rate), increases during this time
  • The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday
  • The best time to share on Facebook is Noon. Lunch anyone?
  • 0.5 posts per day on Facebook (or 1 post every 2 days) garners the most likes.


What does this all mean to you? Get to posting. Seriously though, what does this mean?

Well, it is up for interpretation if you know your audience. You should know when your audience (in your networks respond the most to your posts, shares, and otherwise relevant information. The problem is having the time and the right strategy necessary to effectively utilize your networks. If you need some help with your social media strategy or management, get in touch with me. It’s what I’m here for.

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