There’s something about that Bus.

A friend of mine told me about this bus that some guy in Minnesota refurbished a school bus and turned into a home. At first I was like, ok he made an RV. Then I read the story. He made a RV! Out of re-purposed items! Hank wins. (Note the change in tone haha). Far From Idle was sold. Go to the site and find out more about how this all began. I included a link to the video as well.

Instead of doing like most Architecture grad students do, Hank of Hank Bought a Bus decided to do something a little different. Instead of doing some aimless project that would count toward your thesis to graduate and then be discarded, Hank decided to do something that would actually provide some use. Armed with a passion for Architecture, some friends enough gusto to come along for the ride and the open road, Hank and his friends took that bus around the country. Hank is definitely on to something with this one.

Luckily the timing of Ilya posting this story was perfect. The next day, a Wednesday I found Hank Bought a Bus. I was more than likely way too excited to find them, but oh well. Cool, novel, innovative things excite me. That is what this is. On Wednesday, 8/21 I saw the bus drive by me on the Plaza in Kansas City while I was grabbing a tea from Panera Bread. I stopped everything I was doing and ran outside to hopefully catch them. I did! I also probably freaked out Lacy when I walked toward them. See below for the dialogue:

Me: Hey, are you with Hank Bought a bus!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Lacy: Yea, check it out. (In her head, who is this guy and why is he so excited about the bus?)

So, I hopped on and took a few pictures and began spreading the news to others that they were here. I hope it helped.

I really hope that the Hank bought a bus folks enjoyed their time in KC. I also hope I didn’t freak Lacy out. Haha. On their final night in KC, we did what any self respectable fun people do. Play Cards Against Humanity and fellowship. Great people. Seriously.

The project has received some awesome press from the likes of Gizmodo, ABC, and more!

I wonder what they plan to do next? I am not sure what Hank’s plans are, but I believe he could create a business based on this. A fleet of these bad girls in which he creates a kit that he can sell to others and they can install into an old school bus on their own, or they can pay him to do it. Just a thought though.

I am pretty sure that the trip is over, but you can stay up to date with their adventures on this website.

Far From Idle.

Come. Find out why.




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