#WIR (Week In Review)

I hope you all have had a great week. In an effort to get me talking more, I’m planning to list out cool stuff from the  week. Welcome to the #WIR! Let’s get going. I published my first post in almost 2 and a half years. I did a lot of programming this week. Mainly I’m spending time going through Hacking with Swift (to build on what I learned in a Swift Boot camp I just completed), working on my application, and coding with free code camp. I made it through HTML5, CSS, jQuery lessons and I’m starting on JavaScript tomorrow. … Continue reading #WIR (Week In Review)

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Greetings readers! It’s been ages. Really it’s been about 2 years 4 months and 20 days (What?!??!!?) since I’ve last posted something. Long time right? At the time, I was experimenting with things on my site, working on different businesses and I honestly just had ZERO desire to write anything. Though I think it was more that I felt that I didn’t have anything to talk about. Sorry for disappearing. To my followers, I hope that you have been flourishing in these past 2 or so years. In an effort to get back into writing, the last thing I’m going to do … Continue reading Don’t Call It A Comeback

There’s something about that Bus.

A friend of mine told me about this bus that some guy in Minnesota refurbished a school bus and turned into a home. At first I was like, ok he made an RV. Then I read the story. He made a RV! Out of re-purposed items! Hank wins. (Note the change in tone haha). Far From Idle was sold. Go to the site and find out more about how this all began. I included a link to the video as well. Instead of doing like most Architecture grad students do, Hank of Hank Bought a Bus decided to do something … Continue reading There’s something about that Bus.